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Mastering the Art of Forex Trading: A Proven Forex Trading best Strategy

Are you tired of jumping into forex trading strategies and finding which strategy is best for forex trading? There are a lot of strategies in the Fx market by traders to help you gain profits in the market.

However, a sole trader wants to find profitable forex trading strategy that gives consistent profits either you are a day trader or swing trader.

I have been trading the forex market for 4 years and have found the best strategy to give you daily setups in the easiest conditions. I’m making 5% to 15% monthly with this ICT strategy consistently. Strategy winrate is 60% to 80% with minimum risk and maximum reward. Here is some proofs of my journey using this best forex trading strategy.

Forex trading best strategy

In this blog post you will find a strategy that will solve all your problems I faced 2 years ago. After reading of this post, I assure you will thank me later.

What is a forex trading strategy?

A Forex trading strategy is a set of guidelines traders use to determine their trades. You can analyze market conditions with trading charts and read price action. When you do an analysis with charts and read price action, it’s called Technical analysis. When you analyze by tracking the news about the monetary policy of a specific country’s central bank is called fundamental analysis.

It can be as simple as reading prices in candlestick patterns or a complex set of rules considering a wide range of market conditions. The key has a plan that helps you make consistent, profitable trades over time.

A good Forex trading strategy should include a risk management component and a clear set of rules for analyzing the market and making trades. In this blog article, I will share forex trading strategies for beginners working in the financial markets without any indicators. A clean chart will give you the best insights into where to exit and where to enter a trade, best for forex trading, stock trading, and crypto trading.

Forex Trading Strategy Best For:

  • Day trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Scalp Trading
  • Trend Reversal

forex trading Best strategy for beginners

Most beginners want the intraday strategy. This forex trading strategy will change your mindset while looking at the charts for entries, whether you are a beginner or intermediate-level trader. This will help you get great daily trade opportunities in lower time frames like 5-minute forex trading charts.

You will get ideal setups in the New York session and London session time. Where ever you are, just set your Tradingview charts to New York local time. Which is UTC -4 New York. In these sessions you will get best trades for the day.

ICT Trading Strategy:

In theory, this concept is based on ICT smart money concepts. Formation of setups while breaking the old lows and old highs of the trading chart. The question is, where will I get my entry setups? You will get entry setups whenever price-breaking retail support and resistance are in a 15-minute time frame or every timeframe. Here is a Gold (XAUUSD) live price chart example.

Your focus always on the old lows and old highs in 15 minute to 1-hour time frame for trade setups.

When you see the price-taking stops of retails, then you go into 1 minute to 5-minute chart to look for your setups. Let me share the ICT forex trading strategy confirmations in the 1-minute time frame, for Example, the ICT BEARISH setup.

ICT Bearish Market Shift:

The market will see price delivery rally above an old high or high, then quickly shift lower in a 1-minute time frame. What is ICT FVG? The gap in the impulsive move that makes a shift in the market is called FVG. You will usually get a gap when the price creates an ICT bearish market shift. Let me show you an example of this forex trading strategy in a 1-minute live chart.

When the market runs above the old high or highs, you must find this ICT bearish market shift. After running above the old highs, the market displaced and broke a short-term swing low.

When its brakes are low short-term, you need to look for ICT FVG in the displacement. Then wait for the market to tap into the FVG box. Then, you can anticipate that the market will go lower. This forex trading best strategy repeats on the forex trading charts every single day.

Here Is Video Of Forex trading best strategy:

What is swing low and Swing High?

Swing High: Swing high you will be looking after running into sell side liquidity ( Retail Support ). Let me show you example of that in a picture diagram. This thing is much more important to look for while market price giving you confirmation of market shift. At that time you must need to look for this swing high to be broken.

Swing high Example for forex trading best strategy

Swing Low: Swing low you will be looking at when the market price gives you confirmation of a bearish market shift. When the market will be breaking the Retail Resistance ( Buyside Liquidity ). Here is the diagram example.

Swing Low

Here is one more example of ICT’s bearish market shift.

ICT Bullish Market Shift:

The market will see price delivery decline below an old Low, then quickly shift higher in 1 minute to the 5-minute time frame and break short-term swing high, and in the displacement, you need to find a fair value gap called FVG.

ICT Bullish Market Shift Chart Example:

In this chart example, you will get an idea of what the Bullish Market Shift looks like in the chart. The market ran below the old Lows and formed a bullish market shift in the 1-minute time frame.

In the displaced price movement upside and breaks short-term high. After that, you need to look for an FVG in the displaced price move if you get one, then draw a box and wait for the market to tap into it. After that, you will anticipate the price going higher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Best forex trading time in Pakistan?

The best forex trading time in Pakistan is daytime12 pmm to 3 pm and after the evening 5:30 pm to 8 pm. These are the best tibest timesex trading in Pakistan. Usually in these titimingsn and NewYork session opens.

How much you can earn from forex trading?

You can earn handsome money from the forex if you do it correctly. Forex trading should be your secondary income, But you can earn a lot if you learnelearnrofitable forex strategies.

Which forex strategy is the best?

There are a lot of strategies in the forex industry but to be honest you should keep your journey with ICT/SMC concepts and thanks me later, Good Luck!

What is the most accurate forex strategy?

The most accurate strategy in the forex market is money management, If you learn to manage risk you will become beast in the markets. Just pick one ICT forex trading best strategy model and master it.

Best day trading strategy in forex?

Day trading does not mean you are trading on a daily basis. The best day trading strategy is smart money concepts.

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